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 Things i think would make the game better just a little.

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New guns would you like it. or other said MORE guns.
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PostSubject: Things i think would make the game better just a little.   Tue May 28, 2013 11:36 pm

Guns first
-sniper rifles for each type of ammo
-a minigun that has to be mounted to be shot.
-attachments that give you different things like scopes.sights.underbarrel things that one is a maybe.

Vehicles.Each vehicle has places people can get in and shoot or ride in at.
-helicopters for getting around faster. attached on it is a minigun.
-Trucks with and without a machinegun.
-cars no minigun but are for ramming.
-motorcycle no guns
-Boats with and without machineguns. Machine gun in the middle and back. friendlys can get in the boat on the sides of the guns.

crafting menu
-the vehicle should have their own crafting slot.
-guns and other guns stuff have their own slot.
-everything is grouped with things that would are like them. like blocks in a different slot. doors and other house addons have their own slot.

-graphics-make different seasons like rainey season.snowey.dry. in this order snowey.rainey.dry.rainey. in a cycle. mountains stay snowly same with artic part of map.
-zombies should not be able to jump and be on you.
-Jetpack crafting
-new sounds for underground like the sounds gets creepier as you go further down.

New edit

placeable things that help
-sensor tower you build it place it out side and it cant be destoyed but climbed by zombies.skeltons.players. tells where dragons are.zombies are.skeltons are. and players so you know where teammates are.there should be a few ladders on all sides so you can climb your way up.
-autoturret can be placed on sensor towers but runes on any type of ammo the better the ammo the greater damage. in creative as normal unlimited ammo.
-more bombs
-antigreif permission so you can turn on placing bombs. editing a map with any block. deleting anything. blowing up bombs.placing any bombs.tossing any bombs.
-people should not be able to take people maps when they join.Like it gets put into their map menu.
-your stuff should always be albe to be picked up no matter what.
-your stuff should stay there longer than it does. like maybe 3 mins.
-different types of bows and arrows.
-sniper tower we can build and place that is already built.
-sniper tower and sensor tower you have to make the parts that apper when you touch the towers that are barely visible. they turn fully visable when built fully.
-doors should face the other door not how they are now.
-trains that require tracks that players place and the train is a train that is built by players and the other cars can be added when you want. the train requires coal to run and someone operating it.
-there should be doors that can be broken by zombies so they can get in not the normal doors so you can have a zombie survival map in a building and the zombies come in and you try to survive like in cod zombies. The doors can be built back up by holding X. Need wood to fix doors.
-Crouching and laying down.
-Ranks the host can make and give players or promote them. He can make it where they have to kill certain amount of zombies to acheive a level and he can make it where certain players are certain levels.He can make it where certain ranks can use certain guns.
-signal flares i got this idea from some person on the forums.
-A way if a player is kicked or banned and has something that aint the start stuff a certain crate picked by the host will get any stuff that is not start stuff will apper in that crate.
-a dragon biome where theres only dragons and they spawn frequently at night.
-dragons spawn alot more.
-water and buckets. Buckets after taking water are unlimited.

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Things i think would make the game better just a little.
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