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 Dragon Endurance sync problem

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PostSubject: Dragon Endurance sync problem   Thu Nov 22, 2012 4:14 am

While playing in Dragon Edurance mode, sometimes the game desynchronizes the dragon and the players. This results in player1 seeing the dragon on the left side of his tower and player2 seeing the dragon on the right side of that same tower. In other words, player1 still sees the dragon in its old position while player2 sees the dragon in its updated position. If you are player3 and you are standing on the surface watching the tower above, you will see player1 shooting into thin air while the dragon is already at player2 who is shooting at him.

This desynchronization problem caused my friends and I to unload over 2000 laser bullets into those dragons, without any of them dying. We were baffled - we didn't know what was going on that was causing the dragons to be seemingly invincible. Sure, amongst the 1.5.1 release notes was mentioned that the dragons are now "MUCH harder to kill", but that lead us to believe that we needed thousands of bullets.

Today my friends and I loaded up the same game again (saved). We killed the dragon with about 80 laser bullets.

In summary, I would like to report to the CastleMiner Z crew that this bug is a Major (of major/critical importance). This bug means that players could spend all night endlessly gathering ammo and laser weapons trying to defeat the dragons and not succeeding in doing so.

Does anyone know the cause of this desynchronization problem?

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PostSubject: Re: Dragon Endurance sync problem   Thu Feb 07, 2013 12:48 pm

I guess Internet connection, and the dragon can not be easy on that graphics engine.
Happens to me in ANY mode that include dragons. They are very big entities.
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Dragon Endurance sync problem
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